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David Feidner

David Feidner

President of Crestone Summits

Dave’s purpose in life is to help build great companies. He came to this realization while creating a network of international companies, where he obsessed about how to get leaders from diverse cultures to work together. With their different perspectives about decision making and conflict resolution, he discovered the best way to lead them was by doing something he already loved, being a great teacher and coach.

Dave’s entrepreneurial journey began by helping a family build a great US national company. He then took it global by building a dozen companies around the world. He recruited and developed entrepreneurs, built out every business function, and bought and integrated companies. Ultimately Dave and his team built a global organization that generates over $250m in revenue. Along the way he joined with a venture firm to acquire the holding company, which he and his partners eventually sold to a large PE firm.

After the sale Dave formed a coaching business to help continue to build great companies. Having learned the hard way, he was excited to discover EOS makes building easier and leads to a better life. The style he developed getting international leaders to work together is the same one he brings to his clients; patient, methodical and effective. He obsesses about ensuring each company is successful and has devoted the rest of his career to helping as many as he can. 

While he loves helping companies in his home state of Michigan, he is equally happy helping anywhere. He has worked in almost every US state and Canadian province, and all the major countries in Europe and Latin America.

I was fortunate to meet Dave at a time when Impala was considering a transaction with RGIS. Dave had already built a network of companies outside the US to replicate the national success of RGIS and had a pipeline of talented entrepreneurial leaders in place to accelerate growth. We were pleased to partner with him in an investment that ultimately led to a successful sale to the Blackstone Group. It’s a testament to his coaching ability that the alumni of his team include the current leadership of RGIS International, as well as a host of talented leaders who have successfully launched their own companies.

Paul Street

Founder, Impala Partners, LLC

My experience with Dave is that he doesn’t provide answers. That would be too easy given his background, and not helpful to his clients in the long run. Instead he does something more powerful. He teaches, he listens, he facilitates, and he asks the deep questions necessary to challenge leaders to learn and improve. I recommend Dave if you are a leader or leadership team that is growth oriented, willing to be open and honest with each other, and want to achieve the greater good of the organization.

Jeff Landgrebe

Operations Executive, JetBlue

I’m grateful for my partnership with Dave. As a business coach he listens intently and asks the deep questions necessary to help root out and solve issues for the greater good! He is an exceptional teacher and facilitator.

Robert Wildman

Executive Director, Celgene

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