Go from stress to success

Implement a simple, proven system to end frustration and build a self-managing company.

Has all the fun been erased from your business?

Despite the time and energy you invest every day, you’re left frustrated — stuck, unable to get ahead
and no longer loving what you do.
It seems your team doesn’t cooperate, you struggle to bring on new clients and make a profit.
Running your business shouldn’t be this hard.

Love your company again

Gain Control

Instill focus, discipline and accountability throughout your organization

Build a cohesive team

Align everyone in your organization
so they’re 100% focused on the same goals

Enjoy a self-driven company

Accomplish more in a business that doesn’t require your constant attention

I’ve stood in your shoes

As an entrepreneur myself, I ran a business with four others who drove me crazy. We all took completely different approaches to conflict and expression, with some avoiding and others attacking. I said things I thought I would never say and our solutions were made up of bits and pieces rather than a systemic approach. We were only dealing with the symptoms and getting nowhere. If I had the operating system I have now, it would have solved 90% of our problems.

I’ve spent 30 years teaching and coaching leaders, led more than a dozen companies and grew an unprofitable $4M business into a profitable $100M business. Today I help entrepreneurs get clarity, momentum and realize their vision.

David Feidner
President, Crestone Summits

Lose frustration. Gain freedom.


Talk to me


Walk with me


Reach you destination

Happy Clients

“Dave’s leadership and direction has been key to our success. We now have a clear vision with everyone on the same page with where we are going and how we are going to get there. We have discipline and accountability, and we are truly becoming a healthy, functional and cohesive team. Dave’s background coaching entrepreneurs while building a global company has been instrumental in helping me and my team gain traction.”

Mark Payne, President, Total Dealer Solution, Inc.
“I found myself as the new, and first time, CEO. Our new leadership team is strong but inexperienced and we needed structure to set ourselves up for success. Dave’s guidance through our EOS implementation has been invaluable and could not have come at a better time. We are in control of our business, getting things done and have become a cohesive and aligned high power team in a very short period of time. I was nervous about becoming a first time CEO, but with EOS® and Dave’s help I feel empowered and very excited about the future.”

Tim Martinez, CEO and Co-founder, MPAC Healthcare

“Dave’s quiet demeanor was welcome at times of high stress. He is a humane teacher with a sharp intellect and a unique skill to ask the right questions and get to the bottom of issues very quickly. He is an all-rounded individual able to engage and add value.”

Michalis Michael, CEO, DigitalMR

Get your life back

You want a company that can run on its own. To do that, you need a clear vision, a cohesive team and the ability to move forward. Right now, it seems everyone and everything requires your constant attention and intervention.

Create a successful business and more time to dedicate to the things you enjoy. I work with growth-oriented entrepreneurs to implement a system based on time-tested tools and principals, not the latest management fad.

● Get the right stuff done
● Execute on your vision
● Strengthen people, data, issues, process and traction
● Focus on the root cause of your issues
● Define what’s important, who owns it and what success looks like.

Breaking Through Ceilings

Failing businesses hit rock bottom because they can’t break through ceilings. On the other hand, successful
businesses hit ceilings frequently. There are five skills leaders must master to breakthrough ceilings.

Crestone Summits

David Feidner, President

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